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Boundaries are good.

We don’t need endless expansion.

We don’t need to explore everything.

We don’t need to enter every room.

Let the mystery be.

Boundaries are good.

Some people think boundaries are bad.

They should be pushed, pulled, and broken.

Boundaries, like everything, are political.

They can be used to separate.

Or exclude.

Or imprison.

But boundaries can also comfort.

Or create intimacy.

Boundaries mean that we focus on what is in front of us.

What is there. What has been there. What could be there.

You can use boundaries to make small games.

Small games between friends.

Small games for yourself.

Small games for nobody.

You can use boundaries to make short games.

Short games with big ideas.

Short games which resonate.

You can limit space to create a boundary.

You can limit time to create a boundary.

You can limit story to create a boundary.

You can limit mechanics to create a boundary. 

Boundaries are good.

Take them seriously.

Play with them.

Make with them.

Play with[in] them.

Make with[in] them.

- Liam Gibbons

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AuthorLiam Gibbons
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A nice manifesto!


This is beautiful <3


as a boundary-loving fuck i applaud this