Is there a limit to virtual space? If not, how does movement, which is only conceivable in relation to static, stationary, reliable points of reference, make sense without an ultimate limit to reach, or to move in relation to?

Much of the rhetoric surrounding virtual space celebrates and relies upon a notion of limitlessness. Yet the virtual has its roots firmly planted in the physical, whether it be the processes and events which are loosely grasped in memory, the vibrating waves travelling through the air to meet our minds as music, or the light-emitting diodes which form pixels to create continuous three-dimensional worlds. The question of the limitedness of the  virtual is therefore entrenched in the limitedness of the physical. If not limited by impassable colliders or strict time limits, virtual space is limited by the self-imposed duration of the player's interest. If not that, then the lifespan of the last person to explore it. If not that, then the last piece of physical material upon which that data is stored. If not that, then the ultimate demise of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. It's turtles all the way down.


Hold the W and S keys to venture up and down the infinite, and the A and D keys to look around it, constantly travelling through virtual space but never really going anywhere at all. 

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